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Sebbatical, Houston, US 
John & Shannon
Renegade, Branford, CT, US 
David Coller
So what do you do when the Live Map doesn't even have the island you're looking for on it? I was looking for the Skellig Islands off the southwest coast of Ireland. Not only is there no information,...
Trilogy, Galway, IE 
David McDonald
I can see them on Live Map...
Renegade, Branford, CT, US 
David Coller
OK, I managed to find them on Live Map, but only by starting from Google maps. They still don't pop up in the search engine, and because they are so small don't pop up until you've zoomed way in on Live Map. By then you've zoomed in so far you can't find anything because you're only looking at a ti...
Tank, Fort Pierce, US 
Larry and Sue Jacobson
Sialia, Jamestown, VA, US 
Ray & Lynn Arendt
[Dreamer] Jon & Mary Foote 
Homestead Florida, US
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